Hi, I'm Selina, an online English teacher.


Are you looking for an experienced teacher who can help you improve your English?

Would you like to enjoy your lessons while you make progress?

Do you want to become fluent in English?



What I can do for you


My teaching method combines providing exposure to the language in context, controlled practice followed by free practice, together with activities that enhance active learning, including the use of visual media and storytelling to improve fluency.

I encourage and help you to acquire a new approach to the English language, which results in effective learning and noticeable progress.


Courses cover all aspects of the language: vocabulary building, speaking and improving fluency, listening, pronunciation and sound identification (using the phonetic alphabet),as well as grammar in context, reading and writing if required.

Free assessment

During the free assessment I can establish your English level and you can let me know what your needs are. From there we can create a course plan to help you reach your desired goals and targets.


One to One Lessons

  • general English one to one courses
  • payments can be made in advance via paypal
  • I use zoom for lessons (all you need is the url link i send you and an internet connection)
  • I can share my screen with you when needed
  • I create a google drive folder for you to share lesson material and homework
  • each lesson I update your file with your mistakes for you to correct and new words for you to learn from the lesson
  • you can have audio files
  • you can record parts of the lesson when you wish
  • you can choose to follow a coursebook as a base as well as have interactive and varied lessons tailored to your needs
  • lesson content covers: vocabulary,grammar, listening, speaking and pronunciation through fun and interesting activities
  • you will receive feedback on your strengths and weaknesses each lesson
  • I encourage you to be creative and I choose activities that help you gain confidence in your English
60minute Lessons
All lessons are paid for in advance and there is a 24 hour cancellation policy